1. Please treat everyone with respect.

Insulting, derogatory and/or any other disrespectful discourse is inappropriate and unacceptable.

2. Please do not engage in personal attacks/Ad Hominem.

An Ad Hominem is arguing with and/or attacking the person instead of addressing the topic in case it is not about the person. Try not to respond to such attacks, except to politely expose the situation and redirect the discussion to the topic.

Threats are not allowed, whether towards individuals, groups or the community as a whole. Threats are disrespectful and utterly against the train of thought of TZM. Making threats may result in a ban.

3. Respect the specific category/channel designations within Discord.

This includes their descriptions, including the discussion going on at the moment. If you cannot find an appropriate channel for something and you feel that it relates to The Zeitgeist Movement, you can get in contact with a server administrators or ask around in the #off-topic or #international-discussion channels!

Even though we allow more free off-topic discussion, this hub is still TZM relevant and therefore trolling will not be tolerated and comments that are too much off-topic will be deleted, if they are not written in the off-topic channel.

4. Respect a Moderator’s decision.

To set a channel to be moderated, delete a channel, request users move a particular discussion to another channel and/or prohibit further discourse, by enforcing server kicks, global mutes or bans.

5. Do not post an individual’s contact information unless it is already publicly available.

Or if you have been given explicit permission from the person to do so. Also, use discretion before posting your own contact information such as phone numbers. Private messaging is the best way to exchange personal info, if necessary.