The idea

Originally started by Finnish branch, Koto Coop -project is an effort to start an Co-op and network of intentional communities and project teams.

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Purpose of Koto Coop is development of technologies and social structures that makes sustainable, post-scarcity society possible and making this development feasible. To advance this development we aim at creating operational models, which lets us succeed in getting people involved and providing them livelihood. This way we strive at sustainably supporting development and research.


Community type of unit are where members can live ecologically without barter, improve their skills and plans which help expand the way of living and gather resources needed to set up a next unit. Number of units will grow exponentially and money needed for the next unit decrease because resources will be produced more and more inside co-op.

The project

Help needed

More information is shared on our telegram group.


Update 2020-07-25: Koto Coop has been founded and teams to get funding has been created