Mark advertise the RBE

During the last meeting we have agreed that whoever wants to assure stable communicating with everyone both globally and locally can follow the following protocol. 1. Write messages that all should receive, and only messages that all should read, in the news-and-development channel 2. Once a week check the news-and-development channel and our personal messages in discord 3. Once a month attend at least one of the two global meetings which are EVERY last Saturday of every month at 9UTC in the (voice) International channel ON DISCORD and EVERY last Wednesday of every month at 21UTC ON TEAM SPEAK Username : Password : Tzm_GHJ UTC time converter

  1. Notes of the meetings will be co-created by all attendees by filling out the following template
  2. At the end of each meeting the etherpad for the following meeting must be prepared from the template. Then both the etherpad notes of the concluded meeting and the etherpad for the following meeting must be immediately posted in the news-and-development thread. From that moment on people who wish to add a topic to the agenda can do so, with their name, in the coming meetings etherpad, in order. Once the meeting starts, whether at 9:00 or 21:00 UTC no items should be added to the agenda. If you want to add an item, add it at least 5 minutes before hand. If someone isn’t there to discuss their item, that item can be skipped. Please share this information with everyone who is or isn’t part of the movement and invite them to come. That is how we grow!