Mark advertise the RBE

We had a very successful meeting this Saturday with around 10 attendees. Read the minutes (notes) of the meeting to know our individual updates and self assigned tasks. Much was accomplished as well as the main item of the agenda discussed:

1) Project picture support (Mark Enoch) Sugestions + In movement sign language H R

  • sign language C
  • two handed Z sign or dove sign
  • BSL for Z two handed

The idea is that with a hand gesture we can show support for the Resource Gift Economy in public, on stage, in pictures, from a distance, in videos and when people respond with the same sign we know we have company and support. We agree to try out these different hand signs and gestures and see which one naturally catches on and spreads. We agree to try these out on stage and to wave to friends, to other TZMers, on pictures, ask people to do the sign and take a picture of them etc. The idea of sharing pictures on social media of people doing these signs is for them to catch on faster and be known by the RBE Gifters and the general public.

Notes of the meeting:

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone Next global TZM meeting is this Wednesday 30th of January at 21UTC on Teamspeak (see password below). Please come if you didn’t make it this last Saturday. Attending meetings is how we motivate each other to get and stay active. Invite others, that is how we grow! Together we are liberating mankind and saving the planet!

If you wish to discuss an item, add it to the notes before hand along with your name. Meeting notes:

Figure out what time 21UTC is for you here: Username : Password : Tzm_GHJ

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