jeukku (Juuso V)

Steps we are going to take to reorganize this server a bit:

  1. move text channels and voice channels to new categories based on continents (there is way too many categories to handle)
  2. #internation-discussion will be renamed to #general
  3. #lobby will be renamed to #lobby
  4. The default notification setting will be changed to “mentions only”. That will prevent people getting notfications from all the messages from all the channels.
  5. Messages on lobby will changed to shorter ones (links to rules)
  6. #lobby will be the channel where you opt-in to use “self-assigned roles” (SAR). If you choose a “SAR-enable” -role, you will see only a few channels at first. After that you choose what you want to see. You can test it on <#584825231168765980> right now if you want to.
  7. and finally SAR will be changed to be the default mode for everyone.