On Friday, 12 July we are going to have our first “wake up call day”. On this day we want to get the message of a post scarcity society out there. Everyone is welcome to participate. A good way to find a listening audience would be to make a speech in a train. But we know not everyone is built for that, so if you can tell at least tell friends, co-workers or otherwise about it directly (either in person or direct message) and with intent that is great as well. And if you have a completely different idea, do that (and share your ideas).

If you can film your action, that would be even better.
We will keep talking about this day and ideas in the #global-action-chat on discord , so I hope you’ll check it out.

It would also be great if we could keep making updates during the 12th in #global-action-chat right after some action has been taking, to keep everyone motivated.

I hope you will join :)