Mark advertise the RBE

We have a new New Human Rights Movement website catalizing a paradigm shift to a post-trade world:
Explore it and share it far and wide! Raising awareness is how we change the world. We are getting there!

jeukku (Juuso V)

We are restarting “Koto coop”-project:

The idea of Koto is creating an co-op where, if you agree with the train of thought of TZM, RBE or other science based gift economies ideas, you buy the right to use all resources produced by the co-op and to live freely in apartments owned by the co-op. We will create small communities called units where we build and research open source methods of producing resources to create free time for people to gather resources needed to launch a new “unit”. So every unit creates new units and growth is exponential. Here is a more in detail description

Check out #koto channel for links to project groups on Telegram or contact me and I’ll add you,

There is also a group for people who are interested in similar things but not of Koto as an organization. We should still work together. “Creating hi-tech NL/RBE communities” . Link to that is also on #koto channel.