Last night @Juuso V (Finland) , @Woody , and myself were a part of meeting in regards to state of this Discord sever. We see that recently some issues have arose here in the server that should not have to linger here. Also some principles about TZM’s train of thought and this server that should seem obvious and self explanatory seem to become a bit forgotten here.

Firstly let me just say, that TZM is for everybody. From the most scientific, to the most religious; from the most left wing, to the most right wing; from the most dedicated, to the most lazy. This is a movement of all people of all kind. Now considering that, there is however a set of guidelines in TZM on how this movement operates and what kind of conduct of communication are expected in its bounds. Many have been recently ignored.

Everybody in the movement and on this server are coming from somewhere differently, if that is from age, country, gender, history, and any other characteristics. We on this server do not diss or “shit” on others because they do not fit our expectations as a person, or do not see or accept exactly our views. This TZM server welcomes discussion and debate, but there is a manner in how one engages in them. Using profanity personally to someone’s name personally or demonizing them (trolling) is a good as an act of violence and this community will note tolerate that. People have recently private messaged the admins or the moderators of the server to express that they no longer feel welcomed or comfortable on the server. This is a problem and this shit must stop.

If anybody has read the whole book of TZM defined, people should understand the principles of community and how to apply the scientific method as explained in the book. Dogmatism and alienating people were NEVER mentioned or encouraged in the book.

Also if any of these guidelines of the server do not fit how you wish to communicate with people, then you are welcome to leave and find a place to devent any issues or anger you have. But it will not be here.