Thank you everybody joining the online assemblies and everybody who shared the progress reports in the notes. Let’s try a different type of post this time with notes archived to site.

We decided to not have the next wednesday meeting because it is 25.12. also know as Christmas day.

Check out full notes and progress reports here :

We talked about:

  • Moving continental voice channels to the top would be discussed among admins.
  • Juusos project “Transition paths”
  • Mark Enoch: Moving the etherpad notes to board (see general notes)
  • Mark Enoch: Reminder to invite people to meetings and add to progress reports.
  • Michael Kubler - TZM News widget. I created a bit of Javascript to make it somewhat easy to add the TZM News into your website Repo at:
  • Thaidaree: TZM demographics poll
  • Thaidaree: Code of conduct proposal
  • Of course how to speak to people about the train of thought and spreading the ideas, and many other things after the “official” part.

The global meetings are on :

– The last Saturday of every month at 9:00 UTC in the (voice) International channel. On Discord
– The last Wednesday of every month at 21:00 UTC on Mumble

Information how to join the meetings is found here: