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The Transition to the Commons is happening! Join it! has tens of thousands of localities, in twenty different countries, with active and growing Free Collaboration Networks, groups of people providing trade-free resources to each other. To go beyond Facebook (where the FCNs are currently organized), the founders of the Buy Nothing Project are creating a new app to facilitate organizing free access to resources.

Meanwhile it is becoming fashionable for public libraries in the USA to turn in to full fledged resource banks by offering all sorts of items to be borrowed 100% trade-free. From blue-ray players to bicycles and pressure washers, from guitars to microscopes and games. Just type in “library of things [your locality]” in your search engine.

By raising awareness and expanding Free Collaboration Networks we are making it happen, now!
Happy Gift Society!

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@​everyone This week we will have the monthly global saturday online assembly (25.01.2020. 9UTC) on TZM Discord server in the (voice) international channel.
The Wednesday global monthly assembly will be next week (29.01.2020. 21UTC) and it will be held on a mumble server provided by the Czech branch. Download:, Server:, Password: NasMumble*2018 (

Attending at least one of the global assemblies is very important to continue being global movement, that is why it is part of the Comm Protocol. If you are reading this, we count on you on coming. There we share our progress and plan further action. Also attending the assembly is very motivating.

Please share progress reports on these notes even if you cannot join either meetings. If you are joining, add anything to the agenda you wish to be talked in either meetings along with your name