@​everyone The Wednesday global monthly assembly will be next week (26.02.2020. 21UTC) and it will be held on a mumble server provided by the Czech branch. Download: mumble.info, Server: zeitgeistmovement.cz, Password: NasMumble*2018 (https://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/about/#model)
The monthly global saturday online assembly is at 29.02.2020. 9UTC on TZM Discord server in the (voice) international channel.

Please share progress reports on these notes even if you cannot join either meetings. We certainly would like to hear about it even if your action is to just talk more to people about the ideas. If you are joining, add anything to the agenda you wish to be talked in either meetings along with your name https://board.net/p/TZM_Global_February_2020