Welcome to the 11th annual Global Z-Day for 2020 in Reykjavík, Iceland!

Are people globally going to continue to accept war, poverty, and the many crucial needs of others not being met as normality? Is the progression of technology going to be the answer for a better civilization, or is it going to require much more than that? What does our current global financial situation and changes in the environment mean for Iceland and the rest of the world? What visions and changes do you want to see now and in the future?

These are only some of the questions that will be addressed by many speakers from Iceland and around the world. On the 26th of September, we would like to welcome you to presentations from these speakers, your participation in Q&As and open discussions to be a part of the program, in order to share with everybody what you think matters.
A beginning of a new decade has started with a lot of concerns and worries from the previous ones, along with the dreams, predictions, and hopes people wish to see fulfilled in this decade and beyond. In what future do you want to live in?

The event will be hosted in the Harpa Concert Hall, which is a state of the art architecturally designed building that features a distinctive colored glass facade inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland. The building itself is a huge attraction in Reykjavík for tourists and even native Icelanders.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/569630620225604/