Z O Tha Lone Wolf

@​everyone The Wednesday global monthly assembly will be this week (25.03.2020. 21UTC) and it will be held on a mumble server provided by the Czech branch. Download: mumble.info, Server: zeitgeistmovement.cz, Password: NasMumble*2018 (https://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/about/#model)
The monthly global Saturday online assembly is at 28.03.2020. 9UTC on TZM Discord server in the (voice) international channel.

Please share progress reports on these notes even if you cannot join either meetings. We certainly would like to hear about it even if your action is to just talk more to people about the ideas. If you are joining, add anything to the agenda you wish to be talked in either meetings along with your name

I will post the notepad link soon. It would be great to hear from you all. Take care.

Does the current zeitgeist have you stuck in quarantine?
Want to meet people and talk about interesting subjects, but finding yourself having to adhere to “social distancing”?

Thankfully you are welcome to join TZM’s Discord server and we can hang out digitally.

Come and check out the server where you can talk about a variety of different topics from science, sustainable technology, psychology, nature, gardening and global pandemics. We are also collaborating on ideas, projects and events within TZM, and many are welcome to participate and contribute to them.

We’ve got events at 20:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC for 2 hours, although there’s usually people on at any time.

So come and join the revolution!