Z O Tha Lone Wolf

@​everyone This month’s Open Access Assemblies will be this up coming Wednesday 12.08.2020 at 21h UTC and then 2 weeks later which is Saturday 29.08.2020 at 9h UTC. Both will be held on TZM Discord server in the (voice) international channel.
Here is the meeting’s pad: https://board.net/p/TZM_Global_August_2020.html
In the pad there is the agenda waiting for you to add items to it.
We wish all of you reading this would come. Add anything to the agenda that you wish to be talked in either assembly along with your name.
If you want to know how Open Access Assemblies are held read: https://board.net/p/How_to_hold_TZM_and_NHRM_meetings

We thank you all for your continued effort and it will be great to see you all. So this Wednesday we’ll see ya there.

Enjoy your weekend and I anticipate to connect with you all. We are the spark to the abundant future.