JuusoV (Finland)

To make search engines find the right TZM websites, we should crosslink chapter website to each other.
I created a webpage where all the links could be copied and published on chapters website for example under a page called “directory”

If your website is missing add it here: https://board.net/p/TZM_websites (with the same format as the other ones). I’ll copy the list and publish the changes.

This directory is now part of our static website template, so it is published on a few websites already.

Mark E. Prosocialize (Catalonia)

The Free Collaboration Network wiki has been started! Explore it to start our progressive liberation from the monetary dictatorship. Find FCNs to start enjoying trade-free access to resources and prosocialize the community you live in to bring it along with you! Add FCNs to the wiki that aren’t on it and improve the description of those those that are. Together we build the shared world of universal sustainable prosperity piece by piece.