Alas, an important update regarding Zeitgeist-Day Global Main Event in Reykjavík, Iceland!
Firstly and most important the day of the event has been moved to the 28th of November. This is due to the complications and setbacks the COVID19 pandemic has caused for this year’s planing. The extra time needed is to further prepare a successful event as well as waiting for the situation to settle down a bit more, hopefully.
Other important information is for those interested coming to Iceland. As of 24/08/2020, there are new border restrictions that all wishing to come to Iceland need to be aware of. These restrictions include mandatory screening for COVID19, then choosing a quarantine outfitted guesthouse or hotel for 5 days before being tested again for COVID19.
Instructions for travels from The Chief Epidemiologist Of Iceland are here in English:

It is also important to note that the 2 meter rule is now in effect in Iceland, which means as well that as of 24/08/2020, events or gatherings are not allowed to be any larger than 100 people and must respect the 2 meter rule. This means that the Zeitgeist-Day event will only have capacity of 100 participants as of now. Of course, this can change by November and we can allow more to the event depending on the restrictions.
Due to this as well, this extra time we now have is going to be used to figure out the rest of the program after the presentations and also a pre-arrival dinner and afterparty.
This week we will start announcing speakers of the event and others within the program. Ticket sales will also be showing up shortly and they will also be mandatory for the event for we need to have assigned seating and be checking the limit of participants due to restrictions.
We have already received messages and emails from those interested in coming over. Depending on where you are coming from, there are probably very limited routes to come to Iceland at this time, but definitely possible. We ask you to email or message us on Facebook if you have any additional questions or need help in finding a route to Iceland from your location.
Keep on the lookout for more updates and the release of ticket sales! 🙂