I am seeking six more authors to help me publish the next and ongoing bi-monthly issues of Latent Axiom.

Latent Axiom is a digital magazine published in Flipbook format via Social Rebirth. The first issue, focused on the climate crisis, was completed and released in July 2019 by a team of six authors. With no advertising from cover to cover the project is purely funded through donations. The inaugural issue contained two feature articles, four long-form articles and twelve short-form articles spread across fifty-eight pages. Article references are all provided, enabling our audience to easily analyse our performance. This initial issue has set the minimum standard for Latent Axiom going forward, which I will constantly strive to improve upon.

With mainstream media outlets heavily reliant on income from business advertising dollars it is vital to have an independent option which is funded through donations alone. This allows authors to avoid the need to write clickbait or watered-down subject matter in order to acquiesce to big business and maintain corporate funding. The decision to offer a digital issue alone is based both on environmental concerns and economics. Not putting the magazine to print not only helps to reduce costs, but also greatly reduces the environmental footprint.

The underlying intent of Latent Axiom is to play a role in helping to transform contemporary civil discourse, encouraging profound reflection with respect to the orientation of our global culture.

Authors should have a strong understanding of the english language, have a robust understanding of TZM and write from a Zeitgeist perspective without mentioning Zeitgeist or The Venus Project.

A free copy of the first issue of Latent Axiom is available for you to read here ( If you are interested in this project please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you for your time.

Mark E. Prosocialize (Catalonia)

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