Z O Tha Lone Wolf

Call to meeting:
Last weekend was really cool with Z-Day and the new direction of TZM 2.0. Let’s keep up the momentum and flow state of the train of thought and keep active.

So this coming Wednesday 9th at 21UTC here in discord we will meet at the Open Access Assembly in the (voice) International channel and in#int-voice-chat ! https://discord.gg/TtswKsh
This is where you can share your progress and ask for help with your project. Here is the link to the pad where we will write the minutes:
In the “progress report” section is where you should write down your progress raising awareness or in your transition project. If you can, do so before the meeting. Even if you cannot partake in the assembly, your report is still greatly appreciated.
If there is something you wish to discuss or a project you wish to recruit people for, write it down in the “agenda” along with your name.

It was so good talking and listening to you all last week. Let’s keep connected and sharing. You are all very important and we’d love to hear what you have to share whether it be a big project or maybe just something new you learnt.

The more the merrier so please get at least one other person to come too!
(copy-paste this call on social media or to friends etc)

Thank you all again and you are extremely powerful and loved. Let’s combine that energy for a better future.

Will see you Wednesday
Love you and enjoy a shared world.