Mark E. Prosocialize (Catalonia)

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  1. If you weren’t able to attend the open access assembly please read the minutes of them to know what we all are doing:

  2. Send resources/links about sustainable construction/architecture and permaculture/food growing to @Magni+Boudicca#9055 🤝

  3. Write the next Saturday or Wednesday assembly down in your calendar so you can make time to come, and invite someone or some group to it too! ✍🏼
    Saturday 26 at 9 UTC or Wednesday 13 at 21 UTC
    Translate that in your time here

Help Wanted: Vincenzo is working on a matchmaking platform to catalyze collection action towards climate change and wicked problems by connecting people to opportunities and groups/projects aligned with their passions and values. Currently building off of a site he led with a team of volunteers called The focus of the new project called Catalist, is climate and the regenerative economy. He is looking for other software engineers and designers who want to learn more and potentially contribute! Contact @vincenzo or at

Keep it up Team TZM. We got this! ✊🏼