Mark E. Prosocialize (Catalonia)

📢 Weekly call to action

👉 Check out the directory of Free Collaboration Networks and see if you can join one and start to get your neighbors to join one so that together you can start to demarketalize your neighborhood. Also share the directory with your friends

🤝 Last week we held the Wednesday Open Access Assembly. Here are the progress reports from it:

Mark Enoch: I have been sharing a call to share the world chain message in the comments of videos on youtube . One of the people I share this call to share the world is a investigative reporter and possibly because of them he is now starting a new series of solutions to the world’s problems.
Harakat: Working with like-minded supporters to develop a functional eco-village to demonstrate how an RBE would function
Der Link: Brand new video series from TZM Iceland, Í Sýn (Icelandic: in perspective). First episode premieres Febuary 1st this year.

✏️ Please share your progress updates too in #activity-reports ! Seeing what we all are doing to raise awareness and demarketalize inspires each other to do more!

📆 Next week on Saturday 30th at 9 UTC we meet again to ask each other for help and share our progress. Write it down on your calendar to make sure to attend. Invite a friend. To know what time that is for you, use this converter:

<:TZM_logo:616829207044947998> Together we are making it happen! Keep active and communicative. 💪