@​everyone Just a small update about https://tzm.community/ : The website went under maintenance today and will continue to do so tomorrow. The notepad-system may not be functioning at this very moment but will be operational once again in short time.

For everyone’s attention, any urls with https://news.tzm.community/ will no longer work, as the news page has been merged with the entire community page’s website.

Another note is that the TZM Calendar has been updated with all of the dates of the Open Access Assemblies for the entire year. From there, you all should be able to keep track of when or which of the meetings are, as well for anyone that is not on Discord or Facebook can use the calendar’s link to view the dates.

The tzm.community site will continue to be updated with more features and more availability for all wanting to take part in expanding it. It will take a little more time and we ask you all to sit tight in the meantime! In the future, there may even be some tutorials on how to navigate and utilise the site at ease. 😎 <:TZM_logo:616829207044947998> ❤️