Mark E. Prosocialize (Catalonia)

**TZM call to action! 📣 **

  1. We have a new TZM forum designed for more in depth discussion. Please sign up and write a post to help breath life into it.

  2. Zeitgeist Day, March 25th, is just around the corner! Every year this is when we all make an extra effort to communicate the train of thought to the general public. Because real life events are impossible this year again we are calling on the creation of presentations to be shared online.
    Now is the time to put together and record that presentation you have been thinking about.
    @Brandon - LA will be collecting them to help broadcast it to the world. Send it to him directly or post it in #activity-reports and mention him.

  3. If you missed the last open access assembly, please read the minutes of it here (it’s short):

Keep inviting others to the this server and the assemblies! Your invitation of others make a huge difference. We got this! 💪

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