Communication and meeting protocol

  1. Once a week check the announcements channel #development_and_news channel in discord
    • Thumbs Up those announcement which you think should be shared in a Newsletter format
  2. Make sure to properly write announcements that are relevant for everyone to read and post them in the #development_and_news channel in discord
  3. Check our personal messages and pings (when people mention us) in discord, at least once a week.
  4. Once a month attend at least ONE of the two global meetings, it is not necessary to attend both. If not possible to attend read the agreements in the minutes/meeting notes.

Meetings are held every month on the same days and times: - The last Saturday of every month at 9:00 UTC in the (voice) International channel ON DISCORD - The last Wednesday of every month at 21:00 UTC in mumble. Download:, Server:, Password: NasMumble*2018 (