Welcome to the Discord Server of The Zeitgeist Movement!

What is The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM)?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvzI7f66D0E

TZM Global Website: https://thezeitgeistmovement.com/

TZM Community Content: https://tzm.community/

Rules of Conduct Read this: http://tzm.community/discord_code_of_conduct/

Or check #rules-and-guidelines

In short:

  1. Please treat everyone with respect.
  2. Please do not engage in personal attacks/Ad Hominem.
  3. Respect the specific category/channel designations within Discord.
  4. Respect a Moderator’s decision.
  5. Do not post an individual’s contact information unless it is already publicly available.

Also, please introduce yourself in #greetings-and-introduction !

Abridged Channel Category Descriptions

Welcome: Welcome area and information about The Zeitgeist Movement and this Discord Server.

General: Channels about general topics related to activity or train of thought of TZM.

Projects: Channels about active projects within or in association with TZM and the train of thought.

Topics: Channels about several topics relating to TZM and the train of thought, hobbies, sharing art and media, as well as channels for off-topic as well.

International: All channels of many languages for international branches of TZM.

TZM Discord Development: Channels reserved for admins and moderators for maintaining the Discord server.