TZM_25072018 TZM Wednesday meeting 07 25 2018 

EU and Asia internation meeting 28 of July 2018 
8UTC on Discord 

Next meetting held on 29 of August 2018 on Teamspeak
1. Admin Update 
2. Chapter reports 
4.Open floor

Atendees: Mark RBE, Steve Zeit, Jeukku, MIchal Mause, Oxygen Barker, Konrad Grzyb, David Dann

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Konrad has put TZM tshirts on ebay for sale and Steve and him discuss prices of production. 

Next meeting

1 Mark- Order Konrad's tshirts on ebay
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Progress Reports:
Mark RBE Enoch. I have destributed dozens of DVDs to strangers in Iceland. The DVDs have instructions to pass on after watching and they include a link to the TZM discord server. I haven't be able to work on the video advertising the discord and meetings yet. In Iceland I met up with Colin Turner, some members of the World Summit and also with Joseph, a lithuanian RBEr who wanted to get active. I wish to start working on a web page called AdvertisetheGiftEconomy as soon as I can. 

Jeukku: Not much going on in Finland. We are having a meetup next friday which is mostly just a social gathering. We have a non-profit organization started last year and we should decide to get a bank account and stuff like that. I think we'll try to join the saturday meeting.
We are looking at different events we are going to join but they are mostly in autumn.

MarK RBE Enoch a.k.a advertisetheRBE
I have been full time RBEr in Spain and Catalonia for 4 years. One could call me the Spanish chapter coordinator. I am in multiple RBE phone chat groups. Please join them or check out my work in the following pages. I am calling on all RBErs to start a trend of advertising the RBE as often as they can with list that can be found in the article "creating a resource based economy" and posting about your advertising in the social media with the hashtag #advertisetheRBE
 Michal Mauser
    I've been active in TZM Czech Republic since 2011 doing mostly IT stuff, translations and few lectures. I'm administrering (wordpress) website, Mumble (opensource Teamspeak), Redmine (opensource Trello), Mediawiki, internet radio and other Linux related things. Lately I've been working on RBE simulation program and Copiosis moneyless economy implementation which can be tested.

Steve Zeit
I have been with TZM for the past 7 years. I was the coordinator for the Montreal chapter for 3 years and then been active in the admin side of things ever since 2013.