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Oxygen Barker
Mark Enoch
Sean ZO Tha Lone Wolf
Michal Mauser

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We agreed to start writing a newsletter from the news and updates.

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Mark Enoch: I created a new free-cycle group in my city yesterday. I keep working on teaching people to use but a phone-chat group is so simple that people use them quicker. One that I created a few years ago has been full for a year now and people kept asking me to join. 
In the past month I have given all sorts of items away on it or through 
I also have lent out a maraca through the resource bank group and I will borrow a cordless drill this week. 
I finished translating InterReflections and have sent out a message with the link to the Spanish subs of InterReflections to most groups I am in and many of my contacts asking them to please help out Peter on his Patreon account for at least a couple of months. In the message I asked them to please get as many people as possible to watch the movie. I have been doing that also on social media with the hashtag. #WatchInterReflections.  I also have been sharing my codes to access my Vimeo account to direct contacts so people can watch it. 
I also wrote a message on multiple groups to promote watching The Social Dilemma, which basically is a bunch of silicon valley gurus saying that the business model and the need for revenue makes social media an existential threat to humanity.  I got a bunch of crypto capitalists interested in watching it. One crypto enthusiast is even interested in joining our movement. 
I will soon get in touch with the director of the city library again to restart the project of turning it into a Resource Bank. She contacted me to meet up. A project which is being delayed over and over again because of the control measures. I helped her give away a nice item in the local free-cycle group. 
I am finally getting used to saying "Enjoy a shared world" instead of goodbye and a friend of mine who works as a grocery clerk will now say it to all the clients. 
I also gave a free mini-loan to a TZM activist to buy sound gear. 
Although I haven't sung them in the street for a few weeks I am still practicing the songs for a shared world. 
I have been working on the hispanic TZM discord server.
We held a good open access assembly last week. The chapter of Spain has also been active every week we are preparing an online 4 way presentation and have been preparing it a lot, aiming for high quality. 
Juuso V, Finland: We are still working mainly on Koto Coop which is our main project.
 - We are releasing a introductionary video soon
 - There has been a lot work put in to brand, recruitment, structure, business plans and so on. It seems starting a successful co-op is a lot of work
 - We are getting a web design business going to get some funds
 - I created a Discord chat for the TZM Projects webpage- project.
Sean: I have a interview recorded at a radio station that I will share when released. It covers questions about TZM and what kind of life I lead. Slowly getting back into a flow with my work.
thaidaree: Made trello board and several tasks on making the TZM projects web. Made the repo on GitHub for TZM Projects web.
Michal Mauser: helping online radio station where we broadcast with recent hack. Some more work on Interreflections subtitles. Shared some articles about recent monetary system changes (IMF).

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Mark: Contact fairkom and/or ask for server space in faircoin. 
Juuso: Contact Cliff to ask him to put a link to tzmcommunity and the Movimiento Zeigeist discord server in

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