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-What are people's thoughts on what a new phase of TZM might be, train of thought wise, transitionally, etc, generally speaking 

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Sean Z.O Tha Lone Wolf  (New Zealand)
Michal Mauser
Der Link
Brandon Kristy
Rational Benevolence

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GENERAL NOTES (minutes)                                                                                                                      
we all feel the burdens of society, but OUR job is to connect the dots and explain how what they feel relates to reality and give them a framework to process it

We need a cumulative progress document, like a shared doc/wiki thing that can be updated - like a wiki/shared doc, that's semi private, where not just anyone can edit, hopefully not google docs since it needs people's emails

Good conversation around a new (2.0) launch of the movement, to catch people up on how things have changed and evolved, how we've widened our advocacy and approaches, both internally and externally, and to sharpen up some concepts for people - provide a new baseline for moving forward.

The main topic of the meeting became reflecting on the 12 years of TZM's efforts and accomplishment's, as well as what are the next steps and changes that have be made to "move forward".
Because of the many natural changes that have taken place in the movement, changes of goals, style of organization, creating content and activities, etc, there has been a lot of confusion where TZM stands on issues, how they should be addressed and most importantly what are the expectations of action to make changes that are wishes to be seen in the rest of the world.
TZM first began as self-claimed activist arm for the Venus Project and the works/wisdom of Jacque Fresco. After Fresco wanted TZM not have this position and not be representative of his work, this was the beginning of a huge growth of the movement having to basically pick its own path. TZM has for most of its existence been an educational movement to help educate and expose possible solutions and outcomes for a more sustainable future. However for the past few years, this has been changing that TZM is no longer focusing only on educational aspects of sustainability, but now putting them into actual practice.
Terminology in the movement has began changing over the past few years, for example using less of the terminology that was used by Jacque Fresco, and using words that are better understood by a mainstream audience.
The realization and the focus of TZM not being a North American/European organization, but a global movement also being pushed forward, where it is realized that the tactics and format that has been used in most Western countries may not be very applicable for people in other parts of the world and therefore a different perspective and strategy of TZM's activism and functionality must be understood to being more adaptable for the other parts of the world. This especially is the case for activists and branches wanting to become more active in Asian countries.
There will be more further meetings and conversations on what the expectations and visions on what the TZM 2.0 stage will be like.

PROGRESS REPORTS (SUMMARIZE YOUR RECENT WORK)                                                             
Sean - Holy did you see Interreflections? what a masterpiece. I have organized a community viewing session at my place on a projector setup. I've invited all sorts of people to watch. Everyone I have asked are genuinely interested and looking forward to it. I have had a radio interview yesterday on my rap career and bridging into TZM work and Train Of Thought. I Will be going back to talk more about it. 
Michal Mauser - Working on Interreflections subtitles translation. 45minutes atm.
JuusoV: - We are still focusing on Koto Coop. We are creating a mobile game, CNC router, Youtube content, business plans, brand and getting funding for the first "unit". 
 - I recently deleted my social media accounts so that takes some time to get used to
 - Juuso M wrote a great article in english "Micro-industry as a backbone of local sustainable economies"
Brandon - we are working on content and an Ideological & Methodological framework. Still in quarantine, not much going on other than content creation stuff.
Millennial - Resource-Based Economy Guide in #resource-management has received new sections on education and transport.

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Millennial - Complete an initial program for landscape surveyance.

GROUP TASKS for everyone to complete before next assembly                                                         
Promote Global Zeitgeist-Day 2020

HELP WANTED (put your name)                                                                                                                 
Millennial - Help design a grade-school curriculum for education in the sciences. Subjects should be those covered in Graduate Record Examinations, Medical College Admissions Test, and the AP College Board tests.  

TZM Activist's Guide -
Global Zeitgeist-Day Main Event 2020 -

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