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Previous pad from last  Wednesday and Saturday meetings linked here:

Juuso V
Charlie (CHATALOT1)
MidnightMechanic (Jeremy Blankenship)
Michal Mauser

Worked on note keeping. 

     Jeremy will create the facebook event and notepad for the next saturday meeting. 

Progress Reports:

I have been giving micro speeches at the Rotary meetings about the Gift Economy. We have a thing called "happy dollar" where we can stand up and say something for a dollar (to charity), I put in 10$ and speek for a couple minutes about the Gift Economy.  It's causing a little bit of a confusion but some people are really liking it. 
I have been handing out Gift Economy dvds and books to strangers and friends All carry Gift Economy logos and messages and the instructions to pass them on after being read/watched and a link to the TZM discord server. 
I went to "coffee with candidates" to the State House and State Senate. I gave them both a copy of The New Human Rights Movement and Moving Forward, asked them to promote and facilitate Free Collaboration Networks and understand and spread the 3 facts that are crucial: 1. The Common Good is bad for business because it eliminates markets. 2. There is plenty for every one. (60B$ would end world poverty but 1T$ was lost by the pentagon this year) 3. Collaboration is how we grow and evolve (our bodies are a colony of microorganisms). 
I also gave other people at the event a copy of Moving Forward. They all were very interested in it. 
I have been working on 2 guitar songs about the Gift Economy. 

I made  a document to state possible applications of Discord bots (that use Discord's extensive API) here:
(I also spoke to some people about the concept of an RBE although ii don't know much myself.)

Juuso V (jeukku)
Chapter report:

Almost a month ago I started a moneyless Copiosis group using my own software written in Rust. We already have more than 50 transaction among 15 people (5 active). Some people don't even know they are involved.
Recently facebook started censoring our posts which appear a day later so we are trying to install our own social network Diaspora and Peertube instead of using youtube.

Been debating online with libertarians about the cons of the free market they suggest.  IRL performed an engine swap on a riding mower for better fuel economy, did extensive research for a bioDiesel swap for a 3rd gen F body rideshare project.

General notes:

Intros Resumés of atendees:
MarK RBE Enoch a.k.a advertisetheRBE
I have been full time RBEr in Spain and Catalonia for 4 years. One could call me the Spanish chapter coordinator. I am in multiple RBE phone chat groups. Please join them or check out my work in the following pages. I am calling on all RBErs to start a trend of advertising the RBE as often as they can with list that can be found in the article "creating a resource based economy" and posting about your advertising in the social media with the hashtag #advertisetheRBE
 Michal Mauser
    I've been active in TZM Czech Republic since 2011 doing mostly IT stuff, translations and few lectures. I'm administrering (wordpress) website, Mumble (opensource Teamspeak), Redmine (opensource Trello), Mediawiki, internet radio and other Linux related things. Lately I've been working on RBE simulation program and Copiosis moneyless economy implementation which can be tested.

Juuso Vilmunen
I've been a member of TZM finnish chapter for three years now. I'm planning to use more and more time to support TZM and Koto in the following years. I'm a software developer and I'm working currently on these projects:
    - Koto coop
    - Collabthings 
    - TZM developers  #tzm_developers on Discord and Telegram
    - on Github
Contact info: Discord jeukku (Juuso V)#0001, juusos_email, Telegram, Steemit, DTube!/c/jeukku

    Jeremy Blankenship (MidnightMechanic) 
I've been involved in the RBE community for 4, going on 5 years, recently got involved with Copiosis and been helping Perry Gruber with advertizing through business cards and setting up conference call meetings every so often when necessary.  For now, I've been working on a nomadic 3rd gen Camaro with a planned biohydroen Diesel install sometime in the near future, with step by step videos on my Youtube channel on how to build a converted car over to Diesel for cheap, especially for GM platforms.  Currently in video production on how to fix car problems on the cheap, trying to expand my channel to different genres.  Planning on using the car for ridesharing purposes. Based out in the country, not too far from Amanda, Ohio. Midnight Mechanic channel
  MidnightMechanic#2601 Discord
  Charlie (CHATALOT1):
i'm really brand new to TZM and the concept of an RBE in general. i spend most of my time on discord and know an absurd amount about it but that's  pretty much my only use (i'm also learning about creating discord bots which can really benefit the TZM discord server (
I'm learning python 3 and C# within unity's API
About me personally:
    I'm autistic
    i basically spend my entire life on Discord
    i'm somewhat depressed and commonly have mental breakdowns
    best way to contact me is on discord (currently my name and discrim is CHATALOT1 (Floppy Bob)#0707

 I first discovered the RBE in 2013 when I stumbled upon ‘Paradise or Oblivion’, the Venus Project documentary. I had watched the first Zeitgeist documentary but didn’t come to the RBE part otherwise I would have known about it earlier. Ever since, I’ve wanted to take part in the RBE movements and I have registered for Money Free Party in April of 2018. My skillset is limited, I dropped out of University in 2016 and have been trying to learn programming for applications in the RBE. I am attempting to write a book about the RBE which will feature economic formulas that can be applied to the theory as well as RBE computer systems. I am not doing a lot of advertising but I occasionally bring up the RBE with my parents when we discuss politics. Most of the responses I get are negative; the RBE is seen as ‘Utopian’. I am currently learning Python, the programming language. I am also interested in starting a political country in my home country.