TZM_meeting_Oct_Wed_31_10_2018 TZM  meeting [October Wed 31/10/2018]



 Next wednesday International Meeting 28 of November 2018

(each item should have a conculsion added to summary after 20 minutes ):  

ATENDEES (ADD YOUR NAME): Steve, JuusoV, Mark RBE Enoch, Davide, Andrew, Gary, David Dann, Erykah, Ezio, JuusoV, Sean Z.O., Christian, 

SPEAKERS CUE  (EACH SPEAKER GETS 2 MIN)  add your name to the bottom of the list, strike through when you have spoken:  
Gary - General Question on Cryptocurrencies, Politics and Corporations
UK Update
Adam Antium’s Quantum Earth’s interview is up online
5 people turn up to the UK online meetings these days, and David Dann made a video on how to join.
Book group went very well, 4 peeps showed up and get through all our note after reading TZM Defined Part 1.
Spoke to numerous people at Speakers’ Corner last Sunday, but was cut short due to the rain.

Italy Update
Next event: 50' years from 68' revolution
we want to show what was the goal of that revolution, what worked and what not, and what we can learn from that revolution to be better in our work :)

Collaboration with WASP
We were invited to the inauguration of a printed house by WASP (gaia). They like a lot the world we want, and ask us to collaborate in one project
 We are free to choose the argument, but the project need to be economically sustainable, we created a google doc for brainstorming to chose the argument of the project, at the beginning we was thinking to print a tecnologically eco village, now we are thinking to begin with sometihng needed to an ecovillage, like food production . all automated  for example.

Finland update
US Chapters update
Mark GE Enoch
I have uploaded a short 5 minute video (Jacque Fresco's Larry King interview) to facebook and got thousands of views. I have given out a few TZM tshirts. I gave 500€ to TIO TROM to advertise TROM site in facebook with his new video against trade. 
GENERAL NOTES (minutes):  
I declare the Earth as the Common Heritage for all life.

I support a global transition to a post-monetary economic system where holistic science and technology are directly applied to our social system. Helping us create abundance in dynamic equilibrium with the Earth's carrying capacity, ending the need for money & barter. 

I support a socio-economic system which replaces: 
Resource Competition with Resource Sharing
Private Property with Access to all
Hierarchical Authority with Technocratic Anarchism
Pollution with Regeneration
Corporations with Open Source
Labor for income with Automation
Globalization with Localization
Price with Networked Digital Feedback Metrics

I hereby pledge to freely contribute my skills, time and labor. To serve a community that serves me, that fulfills my basic needs, helps support my highest calling, and does not subjugate me in any way. 

I do this with the knowledge that others will too, and hereby affirm my commitment for co-creating a better world for me, and for all. 

Live document:


We discussed the desire to have a shared calender of our events on the TZM website. We discussed the option of using the calender, or a calender on nextcloud. 
Erikah shared he intentions with the Common Heritage Pledge and site. 
Davide and the italian chapter shared their progress about a local project. 
Steve talked about the TZM Steemit page and how if we upvote it's posts we can generate funds for TZM

permanent task of preparing etherpad for next meeting and posting it and this meetings notes in the news-and-devolpment channel: Gary
Mark GE Enoch: I will investigate the calender of before the next meeting. 

David Dann hosting on 3rd Nov
London chapter meeting this Saturday
Organising on 5th Nov
About 4 or 5 of us will be at the Million mask march on Monday
Hosting on 17th Nov
Book group week after
Will book the venue for ZDay next year on 16th Nov (4 months before the event)

   links to prepare the notes for the next meeting: 
permanent link:
permanent link:


Gary Kent aka @TheZeitgeistKid (twitter) garys_email
https://www.TheZeitgeistMovement.US (volunteer creator and admin.)
I have been active with TZM since right after the release of “Zeitgeist:Moving Forward” in early 2011 when I began attending local chapter meetings and actively participating in street activism in Asheville, NC nearly every weekend. I have been the Zeitgeist-NC point of contact since sometime during the summer of 2011 and the admin for the groupsite. I helped organize and man a TZM table at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC during the Occupy Movement for about a week in October 2011 to help spread TZM educational and awareness to the wider activist community. Over the years, I have helped organize and host TZM events around NC. Since retiring as a USPS postal carrier in 2014, I have devoted much of my time to the ongoing educational and awareness activism efforts of TZM through online social media. Most recently, PJ has asked me to help manage the TZMglobal twitter account while he is focusing on getting “InterReflections” ready for release. I regularly attend and host online TZM meetings and answer requests for information submitted to TZMglobal. I write a little on TZM related topics from time to time and regularly post comments on public forums like Quora, Popular Resistance and others. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina in an active and passive solar home which I designed and built in 1985. I am gratified to see a gradual shift of cultural awareness towards the values that will eventually make a NLRBE possible which I recognize as the primary purpose of voluntary TZM activism. 

Steve Zeit
I have been working with TZM for the past 6 years. I mange the steemit account for TZM 

Juuso Vilmunen
Ezio Marano (Milano - Italy)
I've been in the TZM for the last 10 Y
My main activity in the movement at first was translating and subtitling videos and movies. I've been relating every meeting and presentation of TZM bringing new contents and proposals. Now I'm more active on facebook, bringing awareness and TZN news to my public.

Erykah Common Heritage Pledge steward. Focus on facilitating conversation/collaboration with post-monetary economy organizations. 

Christian (Italian Chapter)
I actively support TZM since 5 years as a creative activist.

Davide Gaulli -  Italy 
Milano and Italy coordinator
Organized lot of public meeting, conference, and in the last 2 years rebooted the Italian chapter 

Sean Drury aka Z.O Tha Lone Wolf - New Zealand
I'm a Hip Hop activist producer. I have an album out and currently finsihing up the second album advocating The New Human Rights Movement. In process of orgaising a central place for people to learn more and educate about The Movement.  
Feel free to add me up, Love to hear from you

MarK RGE Enoch a.k.a advertisetheRBE
I have been full time RBE Giver in Spain and Catalonia for 4 years. One could call me the Spanish chapter coordinator.  I am calling on all RBE Gifters to start a trend of advertising the Gift Economy as often as they can with list that can be found in the article "creating a resource based economy" and posting about your advertising in the social media with the hashtag #advertisetheGiftEconomy