The idea

The final goal is to replace the commercial systems that provide what we need to live and thrive with trade-free organizations and networks so everyone can access goods and services without buying or trading for them. This is done with three general actions.

  1. Educating the public and promoting sharing and generosity.
  2. Showing people the networks, tools and methods that facilitate, permit and organize sharing and generosity. We call them Free Collaboration Networks.
  3. Telling people about this project, and giving it visibility, and people how it these actions are done so that more and more people participate.

Latest update - September 21, 2020

Help needed

We need help raising awareness about this project. Invitations to interviews would be fantastic. The directory of Free Collaboration Networks needs people to add to it the FCNs they know of or discover. We also are looking for volunteers willing to help the founder perform sporadic specific tasks as part of the 3 actions of the project.


Recent translation of the directory of Free Collaboration Networks created as a wiki. We were interview on a local television and are also now starting a test run of a challenge to guide people into action.

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